Model of Maruthi Zen MPFI Engine

Model of Maruthi Zen MPFI Engine

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Model of Maruthi Zen MPFI Engine

The Model of Maruthi Zen MPFI Engine  setup will be prepared by using good working condition multi cylinder car engine with all the fittings of the engine along with radiator, silencer, air filter, starter, battery, alternator, indication meters, fuel tank ,electrical wiring with ignition switch etc., all mounted on to a sturdy iron frame with caster wheels (mobile trolley). 

All the fittings such as meter, fuel tank, radiator etc., along with the engine will be arrange on to the paint finished trolley with its original fittings such as rubber dampers and clamps so as to contain the vibrations. The wiring for the sensors, indication meters etc, will be done so that by cranking the ignition the engine will start working, the indications such as alternator charging, oil pressure, temperature etc., will be displayed on to the necessary indication meter attached. The engine assembly will be serviced ,painted with a single colour paint.

MPFI engines will be fitted with all necessary sensors, injectors and other MPFI accessories, ECU etc., which will be duly connected by its original wiring harness and will be made to work along with necessary indications.

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